Trans Mag Corporation

Your source for custom transformers, toroids, coils and related  magnetics.
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100% Computerized Testing

Insulation Systems Class B thru Class H

Units built to meet UL, cUL, EN, IEC Requirements

Prototypes, Small runs or Large production

50/60 Hz Transformers Rated 1 Watt-15 KVA, 1-0/3-0
Ferroresonant / LCR

High Voltage units are our speciality

High Frequency Switching Magnetics

Coils & Inductors using Magnet Wires (Round,Square, Rectangular), Litz, Triple Insulated Wire, Copper

Toroidal Transformers and Inductors (Miniaturized to 12" Diameter)

Vacuum Impregnation and Epoxy Encapsulation

Assembly Services
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